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Top Destinations Namibia

  • Endless horizons, clear skies and a population density that ranks among the lowest in the world all combine to give you a true sense of freedom. Whether your interest is in wildlife, landscape, adventure, people or culture, you will be enthralled by Namibia.

Best time to visit

Namibia can be visited throughout the year. The climate is generally dry and pleasant. Between December and March, some days will be humid and rain may follow, often in localized, afternoon thunderstorms. Wildlife viewing in all parks, but especially in Etosha, is best in the Dry season from June to October. In the Wet season, animals move away from the waterholes and scatter around the park.

Main Attractions

Damaraland is home to a healthy population of desert-adapted elephant, a smaller population of black rhino can be tracked in a similar environment. The secretive brown hyena is sometimes seen lurking around seal colonies on the coast. Other marine wildlife includes the rare heaviside's dolphin and migrating southern right whale.


Mostly, Namibia has a subtropical desert climate characterized by great differences in day and nighttime temperatures, low rainfall and overall low humidity. Namibia experiences winter and summer at opposite times as Europe and North America and they correspond to the Dry and Wet seasons.


Namibia is characterized by its desert habitat. The harsh environment forms a magnificent backdrop for a different kind of safari. Animal populations are smaller, but sightings in this sparse setting tend to be rewarding. Not to be missed is Etosha Pan, the largest salt pan in Africa and a seasonal wildlife magnet.

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